State of Mind
Me out taking photos

Hi, my name is Steven Clough and I'm a Landscape Photographer and owner of Adventure in Photographyland.
Please check out my website at:

And also an amature Web Designer and owner of

I'm a gamer, geek and also love the outdoors.
I also use to design my own website back in 1999 when I started using a Notepad on Windows to write the code, then later on learning PHP.
Since it as been a very long time since I written in HTML (HTML 4.01) and CSS as well as PHP.
I have decided that it might be a good idea to relearn the skills I lost over the time, as well as wrapping my head around responsive design.
I've always been used to using tables to sturcture the layout of a design, but that not going to work very well when viwing from multipul screen size.

As I work on the design of this website, which is still a working progress, and develop more skills, I will be adding them to my photography site.
I will also be working on projects to help build my skills, like theme design for wordpress as well as phpbb, creating php scripts like contact me and guestbook and other tools that I might be think of over time.

So for now I'll see you around.